Fellowship Opportunities at Baruch College
The Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute at Baruch College occasionally offers Fellowships for matriculated Ph.D. candidates. These include:

Communication Fellowships:
The Schwartz Institute’s Communication Fellows provide curricular support for Baruch’s Communication-Intensive Courses (CICs) across a broad range of disciplines in the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences and the Zicklin School of Business. Fellows work both collectively and independently on projects related to the development and support of CICs. They advise faculty members on integrating writing, speaking, and instructional technology into course curriculum and assist in developing and assessing communication-intensive assignments. They likewise work closely with students, providing guidance and formative feedback on written, oral, and computer/web-mediated assignments. In addition, Fellows may assist in the Institute’s various educational technology and faculty development initiatives and advise Baruch faculty on communication related research projects. There are 3 Communication Fellowships available for Fall 2012.

Multi-Media Fellowships:
As part of a new initiative with Baruch’s Department of Journalism and Writing Professions, the Schwartz Institute has openings for two Multi-Media Fellows. Fellows will assist journalism students and faculty in developing proficiency in a variety of multi-media tools and in working with digital images, video, and audio. Assigned to individual courses, Fellows will provide guidance to both students and faculty in conceptualizing and building journalistic projects that integrate a range of digital media. Ideal candidates will be conversant in emergent media tools and techniques, will be proficient with commonly used audio, video, and image editing and authoring software, will be familiar with online publishing tools, particularly WordPress, and will have a familiarity with journalistic expression and presentation. Specific arrangements will vary by class and instructor.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree and current enrollment in a graduate program; ability to work independently; self-motivation a must; flexible schedule; experience in teaching and Communication-Across-the-Curriculum (written, oral, and computer mediated communication) preferred; former CUNY Writing or Instructional Technology Fellows are encouraged to apply.

No fellowships are open at this time.